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The Personal & Commercial Insurance Specialists

Why Choose Schaedler Insurance?

Schaedler Insurance is a local northern California insurance agency that specializes in providing personal and commercial insurance solutions for businesses and individuals throughout the Golden State.  We also specialize in surety bonds for many types of businesses including contractors.  Contractors can visit our contractors license bond specialty website at www.californiacontractorbonds.com for more information.

While most insurance providers attempt to earn your business by promising only lower rates, you should be concerned about what’s being cut out of your policy as part of the “savings” that could leave you vitally exposed in the event of a claim. While reducing your insurance expense is a top priority with Schaedler Insurance, our agency focuses on the following factors to make sure you get the best value in your insurance, as well as the most competitive pricing.

workers comp insurance Professional Advice

Professional Liability Insurance Superior Customer Service

Contractors Insurance Quality Insurance Products

Contractors Bond Reduced Insurance Costs


Our approach to insurance is simple. We work with you to identify the most important risks unique to your situation and build your insurance program around those critical risks. After the critical areas have been addressed, we’ll identify the non-critical areas and work with you to decide whether it makes more sense for you or the insurance company to retain those risks. Our clients typically benefit from broader and more comprehensive coverage’s using this approach, and many realize a substantial savings over their current insurance program as well.


About Us

As a California insurance agency, Schaedler Insurance works with clients from a variety of backgrounds including the construction industry and our niche market is providing comprehensive insurance services for individuals and businesses with 0 to 150 employees. While our clients come from a variety of fields, each shares the common trait of seeking value and trust in their business relationships. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned general contractor, our dedicated team of highly qualified insurance professionals is committed to providing you the best insurance options available in securing the financial interests of both you and your business.



California Business Insurance

Schaedler Insurance specializes in a variety of business insurance products and is a preferred source of California Workers Comp Insurance. In addition to General Liability and Commercial Building Insurance, we also work with many professional groups in providing California Errors and Omissions Insurance. If you are not sure about the insurance needs of your venture, feel free to give us a call and a professional insurance advisor will work with you to establish the most critical exposures facing your business. If you would like to perform some preliminary research before contacting us, our blog, the California Insurance Journal, is an excellent educational resource for both personal and commercial insurance.

California Contractors Insurance

While we work with many types of businesses in establishing comprehensive insurance programs, our most prominent niche is working with California contractors providing insurance packages for liability, workers comp, and California Contractors Bonds. We understand the many needs and insurance requirements unique to contractors and are able to provide an exceptional value in building quality insurance programs for this group.

California Personal Insurance

In addition to our extensive business insurance portfolio, Schaedler Insurance also provides a comprehensive line of personal insurance products to suit nearly every individual’s unique insurance needs. Whether you’re in the market for something as simple as California Renters Insurance, or have more complex needs involving multiple investment properties or estate planning with Life Insurance, our advisors are well equipped to build a quality insurance program that fits your requirements.

California Home Insurance

As a local Northern California insurance agency, Schaedler Insurance provides quality home insurance programs for individuals throughout California, with a specialty in Sacramento Home Insurance. The local nature of our agency gives us first hand knowledge of local labor and material costs, as well as the most common and costly claims you are likely to incur. This knowledge allows us to build an insurance policy that covers your home’s most critical exposures at the lowest cost possible.

California Auto Insurance

The advent of the internet has greatly simplified the insurance buying process in many ways. However, deciding on the most appropriate coverage’s for your situation is as confusing as ever, with many exposures uncovered only after a claim. As a Sacramento Auto Insurance expert, our advisers will help you quickly sift through the coverage’s most important to your auto insurance policy, as well as those that are convenient, but not critical. This way, you save money and have peace of mind regardless of whether or not you ever have a claim.

California Flood Insurance

Flood insurance programs operating through the federal government are constantly changing as fast as the political environments that govern them. Fortunately, unraveling flood insurance rates and requirements for your area doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Schaedler Insurance specializes in Sacramento Flood Insurance and Natomas Flood Insurance. Our flood insurance experts can quickly identify the flood requirements for your home and provide a quote for the lowest cost flood policy available.