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    “Can I tell you how nice it is to have someone (a real person) watching my insurance.  I have never had this kind of service and support before…from ANY insurance company.  I truly appreciate it.”

    -Andy N.

    “… I am truly appreciative of the work ethic, professionalism and dedication to a client that we receive and look forward to a long relationship.  Because of Jeremy, 8 employees are celebrating July 4th as employees of Anata… and we can still do business in the state of California.”

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    -Les D., Anata Management Solutions

    “I have to say that at nearly 46 years old now, I’ve been doing business with insurance companies and agents for 30 years.  I can honestly say that in all those years I’ve never experienced the continuously high levels of service that I get from both you and your staff.  Simply put, your office absolutely rocks!”

    -Patrick, Folsom

    “Originally I had auto insurance with another company. Moving to Sacramento, my rate went way up! Jeremy was able to find me a quote for a great price. Whenever I have questions about my insurance, he is very quick to respond with the information I need. I felt like his service was very honest and helpful.”

    -Jackie K.

    “Schaedler Insurance handles policies for my cars and my home. They are a great team of people who are happy to work with you to find the right policy for your needs. Highly recommended!”

    -Steve L.

    “Jeremy seems to be very knowledgeable as he helped us with both our home insurance and auto insurance as well as our commercial insurance (for our business). Out of the insurance companies (3 or 4) we called, he was the only one that offered to deliver a quote in-person and it didn’t hurt that he was able to provide the lowest price as well. We’ve had Jeremy as an agent for 3 years (and multiple policy changes) now and I highly recommend him.”

    -Isaac J.